Sunday, December 6, 2015

Don't. Trust. Them.

That face is up to no good.

In our house, we take precautions. It doesn't matter if they've been good for the last 297 days. You pick up that pair of shoes. You put the remote away. You put the loaf of bread back in the pantry. Because you never know when they might turn on you. It could be out of spite. It could be because he didn't get a treat before you left. Or it could just be because he's a husky and they are brats.

These pups cannot be trusted off the leash. hell, they can't be trusted ON the leash either. Malachai has squeezed his way out of his harness multiple times. They are not loyal dogs that will just stroll beside you. They will pull and drag you. You'll feel like you've just sprinted Stone Mountain in the middle of a hot summer day and they'll look like this (see above picture).

You may have heard that huskies are wonderful escape artists. It's true.

These guys can get out of anything. To combat his awful behavior, my boyfriend (Daniel) and I tried to crate Malachai (black & white husky) so that he couldn't continue destroying things. We even invested in a home security camera so that we could catch him.

He was somehow finding a way out of his crate everyday and we could not believe what we were seeing.

Finally, Daniel decided to ZIP TIE the crate shut. **Spoiler alert*** it doesn't work. NOTHING CAN CONTAIN THESE BEASTS.

They will break free. They will find you. And they will kill you.

Just kidding.


You're welcome...

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